A concrete footer is not what keeps your house from settling. The purpose of a concrete footer is to provide a level, solid area on which to start laying blocks. Water can seep under the footer, allowing hydrostatic pressure to build causing setting or heaving. The gravel footer system, promoted by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, allows water to drain away from the wall. A site that is properly drained will not have water penetrating into the foundation.

Superior Walls panels are produced with a brushed finish that may be left as is. They also readily accept multiple exterior finishes such as paint, stucco, cultured or manufactured stone, and brick veneer.

Their standard heights are 4′, 8’2″, 9′ and 10′.

Yes! There is a limited manufacturer’s 15-year warranty that covers structural defects and sidewall water penetration.

Our professional crews install most average-size foundations in about five hours.

Superior Walls are warm and dry, energy efficient, custom designed, easy to finish, can double the living space of you’re home, and can increase the value of your home. They also come with a 15-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

No! The ICC code has determined that Superior Walls Xi and R-5 walls have been evaluated as an alternative method of providing foundation wall damp proofing.

Superior Walls panels are bolted together at the top and bottom of each panel and a one-part polyurethane sealant is used to seal the panel joints of the foundation system. The one-part polyurethane sealant is specifically manufactured for use with precast concrete products.

By the time your walls reach your jobsite they are ready to start construction. Imagine, you can have your foundation system set in the morning and begin building your home in the afternoon!

You can begin backfilling as soon as the floor is poured and the sub floor is properly attached to the top of the wall.

You prepare the site prior to delivery. The site must follow the IRC Codes and our guidelines in our “Site Preparation Manual”, which we provide when you sign your contract.

There are no standard length panels. Lengths are formed to accommodate door and window openings for complete customization.

Superior Walls are stronger than a conventional block wall. Manufactured with 5,000 + psi concrete, combined with top and bottom bond beam and solid concrete studs reinforced with rebar.

Superior Walls foundations are built with a layer of Dow Styrofoam with an R-value of 12.5 standard on Xi walls. Additional insulation can be added for a total of R-50 + (using sprayed-in urethane or rigid cellular polystyrene insulation).

Since 1981, more than 90,000 homes have been set on a Superior Walls precast foundation.

A high performance home that conserves energy throughout the life of the home is a very desirable resale feature, not to mention the fact that a Superior Walls foundation can double the square footage of a single-story home.

Yes, the new IRC codes require all basement walls utilized as part of the building envelope and unvented crawl spaces to be insulated. Superior Walls are manufactured with Dow Styrofoam insulation built in so no extra framing is needed.

The National Association of Home Builders Research Center has certified Superior Walls foundations as a “Green Approved Product” eligible for points toward National Green Building Certification. Superior Walls is one of the first 25 manufacturers to obtain this certification. For complete details go to greenapprovedproducts.com.