Superior Walls products are manufactured and/or installed according to national standards and recognized codes by Advanced Concrete Systems, which operates as a licensee of Superior Walls of America, Ltd., New Holland, PA.

Model Building Codes
International Residential Building Code 2015, 2012, 2009, 2006

Warranty Institutions
Residential Warranty Corporation (RWC) Home Buyers Warranty™ (2-10)

Superior Walls is a member of
NAHB, PennBoc, and ICC

NGBS Green Certified Product
Superior Walls is a manufacturer of NGBS Green Certified products.  See for more information about this program.


Code Evaluation Reports & Checklist

ESR-1662 – Reissued August 2016 – Revised Oct 2016 567.26 kb
HUD Structural Engineering Bulletin-1117-Rev-8 108.47 kb
NGBS Green Certified Certificate #00071 – SUPERIOR WALLS Insulated Precast Concrete Walls 2017-2018 279.29 kb
SWA DOC 42-2313 – Safe and Sustainable NAHB Green Building and LEED Credits – 12-2014 – S 888.04 kb
201501-R WI BuildingProduct Evaluation 3312015 346.80 kb
Code Inspectors Checklist 88.83 kb