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This spring Brad Haubert of Haubert Homes built his first green home on a Superior Walls Foundation. Brad is certified by NAHB as a Certified Green Professional. The home is located in Harrisburg, PA and a complete video of the foundation set can be seen at, just search Superior Walls, green.

Research indicates that an uninsulated basement can account for over 33% of the total heat loss in your home. If you’re building a green home build from the ground up with a Superior Walls foundation. Green is about respecting the lands around the building site, reducing waste when building and preserving our energy resources. Superior Walls foundations meet the NAHB guidelines for green building. They come with R-12.5 insulation built in and with pre studded wall panels for adding up to R-31.5 insulation. Here’s what Brad Haubert of Haubert Homes says about Superior Walls.

“It is a very important part of green and sustainable construction to minimize disturbance to the site and the environment. This includes minimizing the amount of construction waste produced as well as respecting the lands around the building site. Prefabricated products like Superior Walls make great sense in building green. They are manufactured off-site under strict quality assurance guidelines. When manufactured with materials acceptable as sustainable, green and local, we could not envision a better method to be utilized when building green”.

Also, if you are building a green home, you should make sure the builder is a NAHB Certified Green Professional like Haubert Homes. Not all builders who claim to be building green are doing so. You are not building green if your foundation is not insulated. By using Superior Walls Haubert Homes is saving the homeowner labor cost when installing, labor cost when finishing, energy cost with cooling and heating and will increase the equity in every home with valuable added living space. Way to go Haubert Homes!

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