''Building Smart Foundations''


General Specifications

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XI: X-TRA Strength. X-tra Insulation.

The Xi wall has an insulated value of R-12.5 and utilizes 2.5 inches of Dow STYROFOAM built into the wall cavity for energy efficiency. Additional cavity insulation may be site-installed to maximize insulation up to a value of R-50 +.

The Xi wall is insulated including corners, studs and top bond beam. The Xi wall is thermally insulated and isolated from the exterior elements. The Xi wall is monolithically poured (poured all at once) with high-strength concrete for solid structural integrity and reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers.

The Xi wall's special high strength, low-water concrete mix also requires no additional damp proofing, benefiting from technology developed for the original R-5. The Xi meets or exceeds energy conservation requirements from both the IECC and the IRC (zones 1-5). The Xi has a striking modern look before drywall installation due to the galvanized steel stud facings that have replaced treated wood nailers. The high-tech engineering and numerous advanced features of the Xi make it the foundation of the future and the only choice for selective homeowners.


Reduces Energy Leakage
Superior Walls concrete wall panels minimize the potential for energy leakage. The combination of pre-engineered built-in insulation and high-strength concrete makes a great foundation for energy conservation.

Lowers Energy Cost
Built-in insulation lowers energy loss through the basement walls. The R-12.5 insulation throughout the wall panels minimizes thermal transfer.

Saves Valuable Natural Resources
The foundation panels are engineered and manufactured with insulated concrete studs, thus reducing the amount of lumber, stone, sand and concrete in your new home.

Pre-Engineered for Energy and Strength
Superior Walls 5000+ psi concrete, engineered with a lower water-to-cement ratio, ensures durability and helps prevent the transfer of moisture through the wall. A dry basement will limit the possibility of mold and other airborne fungi found in other basements which can affect your air quality.

Reduces On-Site Soil Contamination
Superior Walls are built in an indoor production facility; therefore no form oil is used at the jobsite. Because damp-proofing is built-in (ESR-1662), there is no need to use on-site bituminous coatings.

Reduces Jobsite Waste
With the reduction of installation time, there is less environmental impact and less jobsite waste than a home using other foundations.

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The National Association of Home Builders Research Center has certified Superior Walls foundations as a "Green Approved Product" eligible for points toward National Green Building Certification. Only 25 manufacturers have this certification. For complete details go to greenapprovedproducts.com.