''Building Smart Foundations''


Superior Walls
are custom designed and built to virtually any architectural style to include details such as window and door openings, beam pockets and brick ledges. The walls are available in 4', 8' 2", 9' and 10' heights.

Brick and Support Ledges
are placed according to your needs.

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Windows and Doors
dimensions are custom-designed to your plans. 





 Beam Pockets
are formed during manufacturing for ease of construction.

Reinforced Bond Beam
has pre-formed 1/2" holes approximately every 24". This allows secure bolting of the pressure-treated sill plate to the top of the wall. The beam also provides superior strength and distributes the weight of your home equally to all areas.



Reinforced Concrete Studs
provides a 6" deep wall cavity which may be filled with additional insulation. Pre-formed 1" diameter holes allow quick and easy installation of wiring and plumbing.

is built-in to provide an insulating value of R-12.5 in the Xi Wall. Additional cavity insulation may be site-installed to maximize insulation up to a value of R-50+.

Ready to Finish
Superior Walls are pre-engineered with access holes built in for ease of wiring and plumbing and no additional framing is needed. The galvanized steel stud facing is laser-leveled to be plumb, level and square and ready for drywall finishing. 


A Superior Walls foundation can double the living space in a single-story home and add one-third more living space in a two-story home. 

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