''Building Smart Foundations''


Warm and Dry
Precast wall panels have a minimum 5,000 + psi concrete with fibermesh reinforcement. Superior Walls are warranted for structural defects and sidewall groundwater penetration.

Energy Efficient
DOW Styrofoam Insulation is built in the Xi wall to provide an insulation value of R-12.5. Additional cavity insulation may be site-installed to maximize insulation up to a value of R-50+.

Custom Designed
Superior Walls are built to virtually any architectural style to include details such as window and door openings, beam pockets and brick ledges. The walls are available in 4’, 8’2”, 9’ and 10’ heights.

Easy To Finish
Wiring and plumbing can be run through holes in the factory installed studs. Then the walls are ready-to-finish with dry wall.

Double The Living Space
Double the living space of your single story home by adding a full Superior Walls foundation system.

Increase The Value
Increase the value of your new home with Superior Walls, by adding additional warm and dry living space.